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Updated: Oct 28, 2017


Finally, I have finished the new website and finished transferring the information over from the old Grants Information (GI) site. The links for grant opportunities will be a work in progress as I have registered for so many! Rest assured, I will share them as I am reminded.


The forum is a place to come together as a community. For the last two years, Facebook has been the portal for sharing information which you then have shared on with your networks. Whilst this was good, it could have been better. In this line of work, our strength is not in competition with each other but in partnership. We build stronger projects, offer more holistic service/products and support each other on the journey.

Our community has all levels of writing expertise, community knowledge and networking links. Please interact and bring your expertise, questions and support required into the community.

If you want changes on the forum, new items added or have other suggestions send me a message through the contact form or you can email me direct at contact@grantandtenderwriting.com.


Grant Writing and Tender Writing are complete and published. The publications finalise the books relevant to this site. The books go a small way to help to support the website and forum running costs and offer an in-depth understanding of my writing process. I've secured almost $80million in funding and have worked in Europe and Australia as well as in partnership with colleagues in the USA.

I am still writing. I'm just exploring my more creative side now. ;-)

I look forward to catching up with you all soon on the forum.

Happy writing!


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