• Caroline Savage

Mentoring and Coaching for Grant and Tender Writers

Updated: Oct 28, 2017

In your job, I would expect you have a period of supervision allocated to you on a fixed and regular basis throughout the year. It is a time to reflect on your role, your achievements and areas to develop in your day to day working activities. In the grants and tenders’ environment, it can be the ongoing review of your win rate (amount of awards of money as a proportion of submitted applications).

Examining the grant and tender submission elements of your supervision, how many of you are given the chance to experience mentoring or coaching to enhance your grant and tender writing in your work role? More so, how many of you are mentored or coached to develop your career in the longer term?

Mentoring and coaching are vastly different from supervision. Supervision is where you supervisor oversees your role in your organisation. Mentoring and coaching, by comparison, are agreed relationships where a seasoned writer, who is trusted and is respected in their professional field, nurtures their mentee to develop the mentee’s skills and achievements in a clear and progressive manner to realise success.

For your employer, the benefits of setting up a mentoring/coaching session on a regular basis will pay off in strengthen skills, proven investment and subsequent improvement to win rates and the writing process. It translates to contented staff who feel valued and supported.

Don’t settle for just supervision. Seek out a mentor.

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