• Caroline Savage

Looking for info, check out the forum

Having the blog is great but all of my information naturally falls to the forum as information. Add to that, I have had to step back from work for lots of reasons. I need some time to focus on the personal stuff.

Facebook continues to reach even less people unless I pay for adverts. With my posts targeting external funding, it's not my advert to promote :-), so, I have decided to close the page.

The forum information is all there and you can support each other to keep updated on the opportunities and skills. I will update any links I have forgotten and keep it active with your help as I always do.

I'm still about. I'm still good to answer questions. I'm just going to concentrate on putting all the information within the forum.

Enjoy and sign up is required. I don't sell your information, it just feels better as a closed group.

Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

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