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Grant Writing Tips - Can I submit multiple funding applications for the same project?

Can I submit multiple funding applications for the same project?

Applicants know the chances of grant submission success is x% (insert your win rate here). Applicants know submissions can take weeks/months to be decided. So, this is one of those questions that gets raised from time to time and it is a tricky one to answer. It's tricky because it depends...

Some funders are happy for you to seek a number of sources of funding for the same project. Some will expect you to match their contribution from other funds. And some may frown upon it, as they stipulate that applying to them is because you cannot get funding from other sources.

What funders will not tolerate is double dipping. That is, being funded for the same activity from separate funders and claiming it from each funder.

Funders may suggest you create a distinct project for them that can stand alone by means of the target group, activity or geographical location. This ensures there is no chance of double dipping, It increases the opportunity for other distinct project applications to other funders and, if you are successful, will extend the support you can provide over a wider area.

Grant Writing Tips - Can I submit multiple funding applications for the same project?

In all cases, speak to the funding organisation and ask them for advice and clarification. They are acutely aware of the pressure on applicants and the needs of their local community. Ask for their response in an email and follow their direction. Be up front and never double dip!

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