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I’ve always been passionate about developing and funding projects. In doing so, I have worked in areas that have truly stretched my own reality. International outputs in university research and development, education, social justice, health projects to social firm development and business innovation and heaps in between. I’ve brought in over 70 million of dollars in funding, developed and managed the projects, assessed grants and tenders on panels, and mentored people individually and in teams.


I've learned one important lesson in my writing journey and that is, writing has the potential to create, to help and to inspire. Done well, writing can advocate for those in need, bring innovation to market, change thinking and so much more. 


I am still active in the grants and tender community through the forum, and also utilise my passion and skills to encourage and develop others - the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the change makers, and the community leaders. 


It's been a journey. What started out as an initiative to help my local community has grown to an international audience. 


Please enjoy the books, the Grant and Tender Writing Community Forum and, together, we can work to build thriving and sustainable communities, share our skills and develop the networks and shared practice within an International community.



The GTW Community Forum


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September 17, 2017


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Are your competitors winning government and organisational tenders? Do you want to experience the same sustained income and potential for growth?

In Tender Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide, Caroline Savage shares her practical experience as an International project manager, tender writer, and government assessor.

In simple terms, Caroline unravels the mysteries of the tender process into a linear step-by-step process for you to follow. Each chapter is clearly defined and explained, with opportunities for the reader to adapt the process to their business. Checklists are placed at the end of each chapter to cement the learning and provide a quick reference guide as the reader becomes more confident with the tender writing process.

What are you waiting for? Get the skills. Develop your process. Take your business to the next level.







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June 8, 2017


Grant writing? Need a mentor?

Grant Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide gets to the heart of grant writing and is focussed on you – the individual grant writer. Grant Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide:

  • talks to you, peer-to-peer

  • works for beginners right through to seasoned writers

  • is easy to follow and mapped to the grant application

  • gives you the skills, confidence and know how to find funding streams, develop your project and write your submission

  • maps the process from the initial search for funding right through to the assessor’s perspective

  • drives you to find your unique voice, as opposed to finding text to copy

  • is based on years of experience in grant writing and has been used internationally to secure funding

  • looks at the dynamics of your organisation and steers you clear of the grant-writing pitfalls

Whether you want to strengthen your grant writing skills or are considering your own business, Grant Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide will get you started.

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